What We Do

Market Research

  • Focus Groups
  • Ethnography
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Brand Health Checks
  • New Product Tests
  • and more

Whether you are creating a brand from scratch and need to understand the dynamics in your category or you manage a successful brand, you must always be talking to the people you want to buy it.

Many people who are new to market research immediately think in terms of a survey. And surveys are a crucial part of a market research toolkit, but the idea that you can get all the “answers” from them is false. There are two principle types of research, qualitative (i.e. face to face with consumers) and quantitative (conducted via survey tools to gather statistically valid data). Neither type will answer every questions by themselves, so depending on your research objectives, they are often needed in combination.┬áThe place to start is with research objectives.

Your Research Objectives

Before embarking on any research initiative it’s critical to assess what the real questions are. Those questions should be refined with the rhetorical query of “if we knew this piece of information, what actionable step could we use it for?” All to often, information is collected with no clear purpose beyond curiosity and a hope that it might be useful. Pure Marketing will help you define your research objectives and then design a research plan that suits your needs and budget.

Your Research Plan

In many cases, the best approach will be a combination of qualitative and qualitative. The qualitative, talking directly to consumers, allows you to learn more foundational truths and the “why” of brand and category decision making. Then by complementing that with quantitative (a survey, segmentation, conjoint analysis, etc.) we can test some of the hypotheses and mental models developed during qual.

We are there to guide you through this process!