What We Do

Naming, Copy Writing & Taglines

copy-writerGreat brand names, taglines, and advertising copy is truly an art. How do you come up with something that instantly captures the essence of a brand while being simple and memorable at the same time? Brand names like Honest Tea, taglines like “Just Do It” and ad copy from brands like Dos Equis and Old Spice show us what is possible.

At Pure Marketing, we go back to core principles and focus on what is the essence of a brand? What emotions do we need to evoke when people see the name or hear the words? Then get ready to…Write, think, write, write, walk away, consider, write, throw in the towel, come back, write more, evaluate, refine, write, and so on, and so on.

We also write blog posts, brochures, and web copy. We even write speeches, and do ghost writing.

A Sample of the Work

Brand Names

  • Grafton Forge – Specialty cheese sub-brand
  • Grafton Tavern Select – Specialty cheese sub-brand
  • Carol’s Eggs – Pasture Raised & Heirloom Egg brand


  • In Pursuit of Extraordinary Chocolate Moments – Chocolates Brand
  • Small Family Farms ~ Health Grows Here – Organic Egg Brand
  • A Veggie Revelation – Vegetable Meal Kits
  • The Purest Water Possible – Organic Maple Tree @ater
  • A Trusted Guide – Independent Insurance Agency

Ad Copy

  • You love Veggies! You Just Don’t Know it Yet  – Vegetable Meal Kits
  • You Love Veggies (we’ll prove it to you) – Vegetable Meal Kits
  • Stop Eating Veggies. Start Loving Them. – Vegetable Meal Kits
  • Where the Chicken and the Egg come first – Free Range Egg brand